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the power of BPM-CRM using Salesforce, PEGA, Appian…

Whether getting started with CRM or looking forward to improve an existing business? We are here to help you out with market leading CRM-BPM based technologies like Salesforce, PEGA, Appian which will allow your organization to deploy changes “much faster than any other application”. Also, It will help you to reduce cost and improve business purpose in-order to maintain effective Governance, Dignity and Delivery across teams.

Support,“You Can”  trust on

We are here to build the solutions and teamsfor you to make your idea successful. We offer strategic consulting  to set the right foundation,staff augmentation and project management to ensure the work stays on track and the BPM/CRM workforceto get the job done.

Our client-centred staffing services model delivers BPM resources to your organization Legerity and efficiently. Reliable, innovative and personable BPM professionals will help client companies meet their objectives within their budget and avoid delaying long recruiting process.

coe workforce

At Falcon COE workforce collaborates with stakeholders across the enterprise to ensure BPM CRM technologies like Salesforce, Pega, Appian tools capabilities are well understood, and will:
1. Work with executive leadership to keep the strategic and critical business initiatives aligned where digital process automation, AI, and robotics may play a role
2. Establish an operating model that ensures the right people, with the right skills, are in the right roles
3. Establish an effective delivery model that aligns with the broader organization

Approaching a  problem

Common processes need to be built as common components, but all too often they are not. Rather than innovating, teams spend time building the same features again and again, leading to waste of time, waste of money and inconsistent behaviour.

the three pillars  of excellence


When you looking for a digital transformation, Salesforce is a perfect CRM. Scale up with ease, no matter what phase of growth you’re in. Adapt, iterate, and repeat with access to the largest enterprise app ecosystem.


Pega is designed to leverage reuse of common components in ways never before possible, but without effective governance there is a gap in how teams organize and communicate what exists.


Appian offers solutions that are rapidly built through a simple drag-and-drop functionality that is convenient for its users. Its native process repository captures and stores process models for rapid reuse.